5 Reasons Magento is the Ideal E-Commerce Platform

5 Reasons Magento is the Ideal E-Commerce Platform

Magento is regarded as one of the most widely used Ecommerce platforms, and here at Branding Bay we specialise in building and designing beautiful, responsive Magento websites that offer flawless user experience on both mobile and desktop devices.

With years of experience and a team of developers, Branding Bay has delivered many successful Ecommerce website builds for everyone from hugely recognisable brands turning over millions of pounds per year, to small start-ups.

Last year Branding Bay’s clients sold over £17 million online through technology we provided… We know the ropes!


Boost sales with a rich commerce platform that enables personalized content, fast checkouts, and seamless shopper experiences across multiple devices anywhere, anytime.


Improve shopper engagement on your site, incentivise repeat purchases, and reward your high-value customers to build loyalty.


Quickly and cost-effectively build a site that is unique to your brand. This open source, customisable platform seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions, can be deployed in any environment, and is backed by a vast network of commerce experts ready to help you.


Discover how Magento is architechted to take your business to new heights. This FREE white paper shows how Magento 2.0 processes 39% more orders per hour and delivers 1 millisecond server response times.


Control all your commerce operations more efficiently, and without IT support, using modern, easy-to-learn, and agile backend business tools.

Ready to get the Ecommerce platform your business needs? Talk to our agency today on 02891 226 090 or drop us an email at hello@brandingbay.com.

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