Whisper Boutique launch their new eCommerce website

Whisper Boutique launch their new eCommerce website

Whisper Boutique is an online shopping boutique offering customers specially sourced gifts and timeless accessories at affordable prices.

Whisper Boutique have just launched their new website, courtesy of Branding Bay.

The website is fully eCommerce enabled and lists over 200 of the company’s products for sale online.

In particular, the site is:

– Easy to use
– Full of comprehensive features
– Developed to target different languages and sell to different locations
– Beautifully designed to accommodate mobile and tablet shoppers
– Streamlined to enhance the shopping experience
– Highly optimised – we employ the latest Search Engine Optimisation standards

Caraline, owner of Whisper Boutique, said: “This new site is perfect and will dramatically increase our Online Sales. It was a pleasure to work with Colin & the team at Branding Bay!”

What can Branding Bay do for Your Business?

– Advice on the most relevant online store for your business
– Consultancy on all aspects of eCommerce to increase your online sales
– Experience with Realex Payments, Sage Payments, Paypal and Stripe
– Create 24-hour selling machines with full measurement and statistics

Having a robust, optimised and customisable online store that sells products that users want is of course a sure fire business winner. Let Branding Bay provide you with the advice you need.


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