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Get your message across with clickable Email Marketing from our Bangor based Digital Marketing Agency
Keep your name fresh and your new products enticing with smart email marketing from Branding Bay’s digital marketing agency. Perfect for low-cost, high-impact marketing, a beautifully designed email campaign will keep your target market engaged, informed and clicking through to your website on a regular basis.

Can Social Media Help your Business?

Are people talking about your business? They should be. With so many platforms and networks available, there’s no excuse not to be making a splash with social media. Our social-savvy digital marketing gurus will help you to build a strong social presence which gets your visitors involved in your brand and makes sure they’re talking all about you.
Our team tweet,…

Your brand will be more than a logo

Revamp, reimagine and build your brand identity with bright ideas from Branding Bay
Who are you as a business? It’s an important question. If you don’t know, your potential customers won’t know either. To build a strong customer base, enjoy repeat business and benefit from great customer engagement, it’s time to get serious about defining your brand and building your brand…

Fine Foods Set to Launch in Style

Branding Bay would like to take this opportunity to wish all the team at Willowbrook Fine Foods good luck, as they officially launch Willowbrook Foods’ new Fine Foods range, in the Willowbrook Food Innovation Centre, this Wednesday, 24th September.

Northern Ireland’s Finance and Personnel Minister Simon Hamilton will officiate the event. Fine Foods customers and Willowbrook Food’s clients will be in…

Website Design by Branding Bay

Our team has over 20 years experience in creating eye-catching and functional Custom Website Designs.
Name a sector or location and we’ve probably built a website for a client in it. Very few companies will have the experience that we have in providing Custom Website Design.

Key features of our websites include:

Fantastic & Modern design
They use the latest technology
They are built to operate…

Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter has become essential for small and large businesses alike.

Most small businesses operate on the basis of referrals from satisfied customers, which makes Facebook and Twitter perfect targets for building new a new customer base as well as strengthening your existing base.

Branding Bay provides a Social Media package which includes the following features:

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e-Mail Marketing

e-Mail Marketing has become one of the most important (and cost effective) means of Online Marketing. However, it is still vastly underused by small businesses. Branding Bay have created an e-Newsletter service for our customers to help them!

Our e-Newsletter product is a powerful service, provided by MailChimp, which allows effective management of Subscriber Lists and the generation of Sign-up Forms.

The product…